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Tesla Cars Recalled Due to Issues With Autopilot Feature

Tesla Cars Recalled Due to Issues With Autopilot Feature

tesla cars being recalled

Safety concerns prompt recall.

  • Autopilot software glitch.
  • Potential for crashes.
  • Over 362,000 vehicles affected.
  • Models S, X, Y, and 3 impacted.
  • Software update to fix issue.
  • Owners notified by Tesla.
  • Recall initiated by NHTSA.

Tesla recalls cars due to autopilot concerns.

Autopilot software glitch

Potential for crashes.

The Autopilot software glitch can cause the vehicles to brake suddenly and unexpectedly, increasing the risk of a collision.

  • Sudden braking: The Autopilot system may brake suddenly and unexpectedly, even when there is no obstacle in front of the vehicle.
  • Loss of control: The sudden braking can cause the driver to lose control of the vehicle, leading to a potential crash.
  • Rear-end collisions: The sudden braking can also increase the risk of a rear-end collision, as following vehicles may not be able to stop in time.
  • Increased risk to other road users: The sudden braking and loss of control can also pose a risk to other road users, such as pedestrians and cyclists.

Due to the potential for crashes, Tesla has issued a recall for the affected vehicles to address the Autopilot software glitch.

Over 362,000 vehicles affected.

The Tesla recall affects a significant number of vehicles, with over 362,000 units impacted. This includes a wide range of Tesla models, including the Model S, Model X, Model Y, and Model 3. The affected vehicles were produced between 2017 and 2023, indicating that the Autopilot software glitch may have been present in Tesla's vehicles for several years.

The recall is a major undertaking for Tesla, as it involves a large number of vehicles and requires the company to promptly address the software issue. Tesla has stated that it will release a software update to fix the Autopilot glitch, which will be available to affected owners.

The recall is also a reminder of the potential risks associated with autonomous driving technology. While Autopilot is designed to assist drivers and improve safety, it is important to remember that it is not a perfect system and can still make mistakes. Drivers using Autopilot should always remain attentive and ready to take control of the vehicle if necessary.

Tesla's recall of over 362,000 vehicles highlights the importance of ongoing monitoring and improvement of autonomous driving systems. As this technology continues to evolve, it is crucial for manufacturers to ensure the safety and reliability of their systems to prevent potential accidents and maintain public confidence in autonomous driving.

Tesla owners affected by the recall will be notified by the company and will be able to receive the software update to fix the Autopilot issue.

Models S, X, Y, and 3 impacted.

The Tesla recall affects four of the company's most popular models: the Model S, Model X, Model Y, and Model 3. These models are known for their advanced technology and features, including the Autopilot driver assistance system.

  • Model S: The Model S is Tesla's flagship sedan, known for its sleek design, long range, and powerful performance. It is one of the most expensive Tesla models and has been in production since 2012.
  • Model X: The Model X is Tesla's electric SUV, offering a spacious cabin, falcon-wing doors, and the ability to seat up to seven passengers. It is known for its unique design and versatility.
  • Model Y: The Model Y is Tesla's compact SUV, designed to be more affordable and accessible than the Model X. It shares many features with the Model 3 but offers more cargo space and a higher seating position.
  • Model 3: The Model 3 is Tesla's most affordable and best-selling model. It is a compact sedan known for its long range, efficient performance, and advanced technology features.

The fact that the recall affects such a wide range of Tesla models indicates the potential significance of the Autopilot software glitch. It also highlights the importance of Tesla addressing the issue promptly to ensure the safety of its customers.

Software update to fix issue.

Tesla plans to address the Autopilot software glitch through a software update that will be available to affected owners. The update is designed to fix the issue and ensure the safe operation of the Autopilot system.

  • Over-the-air update: Tesla will release the software update over the air, meaning that owners will be able to install it directly to their vehicles without having to visit a service center.
  • Easy installation: The software update is designed to be easy to install, with most owners able to complete the process in their own garage or driveway.
  • Phased rollout: Tesla may release the software update in phases, prioritizing certain vehicles or regions based on factors such as the severity of the issue or the number of affected vehicles.
  • Ongoing monitoring: After the software update is released, Tesla will continue to monitor the performance of the Autopilot system and may release additional updates if necessary to further improve its safety and reliability.

By providing a software update to fix the Autopilot issue, Tesla aims to address the concerns raised by the recall and ensure the safety of its customers. The over-the-air update process allows Tesla to quickly and efficiently distribute the fix to a large number of affected vehicles.

Owners notified by Tesla.

Tesla is actively notifying owners of the affected vehicles about the recall and the software update to fix the Autopilot issue. The company is using various channels to reach out to its customers.

  • Email notifications: Tesla is sending personalized emails to affected owners, informing them about the recall and providing instructions on how to schedule a service appointment or install the software update.
  • In-app messages: Tesla owners may also receive in-app messages through the Tesla mobile app, alerting them to the recall and providing relevant information.
  • Phone calls: In some cases, Tesla may also reach out to owners by phone to ensure they are aware of the recall and to answer any questions they may have.
  • Service center visits: Owners can also visit their local Tesla service center to receive more information about the recall and to schedule a service appointment if necessary.

Tesla's efforts to notify owners about the recall demonstrate the company's commitment to customer safety and transparency. By using multiple channels to communicate with its customers, Tesla aims to ensure that all affected owners are aware of the issue and have the opportunity to get their vehicles repaired promptly.

Recall initiated by NHTSA.

The recall of Tesla vehicles was initiated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), a U.S. government agency responsible for ensuring the safety of motor vehicles and equipment.

  • Investigation: The NHTSA launched an investigation into Tesla's Autopilot system following reports of sudden braking incidents and other safety concerns.
  • Defect determination: Based on the investigation, the NHTSA determined that the Autopilot software glitch posed a safety risk and warranted a recall.
  • Recall order: The NHTSA issued a recall order, requiring Tesla to notify affected owners and to provide a software update to fix the issue.
  • Tesla's cooperation: Tesla has cooperated with the NHTSA throughout the investigation and recall process, agreeing to issue the software update and to notify affected owners.

The NHTSA's involvement in the Tesla recall highlights the agency's role in ensuring the safety of vehicles on the road. The NHTSA has the authority to investigate potential safety defects and to order recalls when necessary to protect consumers.


Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about Tesla car prices in Indonesia:

Question 1: How much does a Tesla car cost in Indonesia?

Answer 1: The price of a Tesla car in Indonesia varies depending on the model and configuration. As of 2023, the estimated price range for Tesla cars in Indonesia is between Rp 1.5 billion (around $100,000 USD) and Rp 3.5 billion (around $240,000 USD).

Question 2: Which Tesla models are available in Indonesia?

Answer 2: Currently, the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are the two models available in Indonesia. The Model 3 is a sedan, while the Model Y is a compact SUV. Both models offer impressive performance, long range, and advanced technology features.

Question 3: Are there any government incentives for buying a Tesla car in Indonesia?

Answer 3: Yes, the Indonesian government provides incentives for electric vehicle (EV) purchases, including Tesla cars. These incentives may vary from time to time, but they typically include tax breaks and subsidies. You can check with the local government or relevant authorities for the latest information on EV incentives.

Question 4: Where can I buy a Tesla car in Indonesia?

Answer 4: Tesla cars are sold through Tesla's official website and authorized dealers in Indonesia. You can find a list of Tesla dealers in Indonesia on the company's website. To ensure a smooth purchasing experience, it's recommended to contact the dealer directly for more information on availability, pricing, and the ordering process.

Question 5: What payment options are available for buying a Tesla car in Indonesia?

Answer 5: Tesla Indonesia typically offers various payment options for purchasing a Tesla car. These may include cash payments, bank transfers, and financing options. You can inquire about the available payment options when contacting a Tesla dealer or through the company's official website.

Question 6: What is the estimated delivery time for a Tesla car in Indonesia?

Answer 6: The delivery time for a Tesla car in Indonesia can vary depending on factors such as the model, configuration, and availability. It's best to check with a Tesla dealer for an estimated delivery timeline. However, due to the popularity of Tesla cars and potential global demand, there may be some waiting time involved.

Closing Paragraph: We hope these FAQs have provided you with helpful information about Tesla car prices and availability in Indonesia. Please note that prices and availability may change over time, so it's always a good idea to check with Tesla Indonesia or authorized dealers for the most up-to-date information.

If you're considering purchasing a Tesla car in Indonesia, it's recommended to research, compare prices, and explore available incentives to make an informed decision. Additionally, consider factors such as charging infrastructure, maintenance costs, and suitability for your lifestyle and driving needs.


Here are some practical tips for buying a 00 car in Indonesia:

Tip 1: Research and Compare:

Before making a decision, take the time to research and compare different 00 models and configurations available in Indonesia. Read reviews, watch expert opinions, and compare prices and features to find the option that best suits your needs and budget.

Tip 2: Explore Government Incentives:

The Indonesian government offers incentives for electric vehicle (EV) purchases, including 00 cars. These incentives can vary over time, so check with local authorities or relevant agencies for the latest information. Taking advantage of these incentives can help reduce the overall cost of your 00 car.

Tip 3: Consider Total Cost of Ownership (TCO):

When evaluating the cost of a 00 car, don't just focus on the purchase price. Consider the total cost of ownership, which includes factors such as charging costs, maintenance expenses, and insurance premiums. Make sure you have a clear understanding of these ongoing costs to avoid surprises down the road.

Tip 4: Plan for Home or Public 充電 Infrastructure:

00 cars require regular charging. Depending on your lifestyle and driving patterns, you may need to install a home charging station or plan to use public charging stations. Consider the availability and accessibility of charging infrastructure in your area and factor that into your decision-making process.

Closing Paragraph:

By following these tips and conducting thorough research, you can make an informed decision when purchasing a 00 car in Indonesia. Remember to consider factors such as government incentives, total cost of ownership, charging infrastructure, and your lifestyle and driving needs. Patience and planning can help you find the best 00 car that fits your requirements and budget.

Remember, the car market is constantly evolving, and new models and technology may emerge in the future. Staying informed about the latest advancements and developments in electric vehicles can help you make future purchasing decisions with ease.


Summary of Main Points:

In Indonesia, Tesla cars offer a unique blend of luxury, performance, and environmental consciousness. The estimated price range for Tesla cars in Indonesia falls between Rp 1.5 billion and Rp 3.5 billion, depending on the model and configuration. Two models are currently available: the Model 3 sedan and the Model Y compact SUV. The Indonesian government provides incentives for EV purchases, making Tesla cars more accessible to eco-conscious consumers. To ensure a smooth purchasing experience, potential buyers can visit Tesla's official website or authorized dealers in Indonesia.

Closing Message:

As the automotive industry continues to embrace electric vehicles, Tesla remains a prominent player in Indonesia and worldwide. With its advanced technology, impressive performance, and commitment to sustainability, Tesla cars offer a compelling choice for those seeking a premium electric driving experience. Whether you're an environmentally conscious consumer or a tech enthusiast, exploring Tesla's lineup in Indonesia is worth considering. Remember to conduct thorough research, compare models and prices, and consider factors such as charging infrastructure and total cost of ownership before making a purchase decision.

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