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Tesla Model X: A Luxurious Electric SUV in Bangalore

Tesla Model X: A Luxurious Electric SUV in Bangalore

The Tesla Model X is a premium electric SUV that offers a combination of performance, technology, and luxury. It is known for its sleek design, spacious interior, and advanced features. If you're considering buying a Tesla Model X in Bangalore, here's what you need to know about its price, specifications, and availability.

In this comprehensive article, we'll provide detailed information about the Tesla Model X, including its price in Bangalore, available variants, specifications, features, and how to purchase one. Whether you're a tech enthusiast, environmentally conscious, or simply looking for a luxurious driving experience, this article will help you make an informed decision about owning a Tesla Model X.

The Tesla Model X is available in three variants in Bangalore: the Model X Standard, Model X Long Range, and Model X Plaid. Each variant offers a unique combination of performance, range, and features, catering to different driving needs and preferences.

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Explore key details about Tesla Model X price and availability in Bangalore.

  • 3 variants available
  • Price range: ₹1.05 Crore to ₹1.68 Crore
  • Standard, Long Range, Plaid trims
  • Long Range: 560 km range
  • Plaid: 628 km range
  • All-wheel drive
  • Supercharger network access
  • Advanced safety features
  • Luxurious and spacious interior

To inquire or purchase a Tesla Model X in Bangalore, visit the Tesla website or schedule a test drive.

3 variants available

The Tesla Model X is available in three distinct variants in Bangalore: the Standard, Long Range, and Plaid. Each variant offers a unique combination of performance, range, and features, catering to different driving needs and preferences.

Model X Standard:

Starting at ₹1.05 Crore, the Model X Standard is the most affordable variant. It offers an impressive range of 417 km on a single charge. With a top speed of 250 km/h, it delivers a balance of performance and efficiency.

Model X Long Range:

Priced at ₹1.20 Crore, the Model X Long Range extends the driving range to a remarkable 560 km. This variant is ideal for those who prioritize long-distance travel or frequent road trips. It retains the same top speed as the Standard variant.

Model X Plaid:

The top-of-the-line Model X Plaid is a performance powerhouse, starting at ₹1.68 Crore. It boasts a breathtaking range of 628 km and a blistering top speed of 313 km/h. The Plaid variant also features a unique tri-motor all-wheel-drive system for exceptional acceleration and handling.

All three variants of the Tesla Model X offer all-wheel drive, ensuring stability and control in various driving conditions. Additionally, they come with access to Tesla's extensive Supercharger network, providing convenient charging options during long journeys.

Price range: ₹1.05 Crore to ₹1.68 Crore

The Tesla Model X occupies a premium price range in Bangalore, reflecting its luxurious features, advanced technology, and exceptional performance. Let's explore the pricing details of each variant:

Model X Standard:

With a starting price of ₹1.05 Crore, the Model X Standard offers a compelling value proposition for those seeking a balance of affordability and Tesla's signature electric driving experience. It provides a comfortable and spacious interior, a long range of 417 km, and impressive acceleration.

Model X Long Range:

For those who prioritize extended driving range, the Model X Long Range is available at a price of ₹1.20 Crore. This variant boasts an impressive range of 560 km, making it ideal for long road trips or daily commutes without range anxiety. It retains the same level of performance and features as the Standard variant.

Model X Plaid:

The pinnacle of performance and luxury, the Model X Plaid commands a price tag of ₹1.68 Crore. This top-of-the-line variant offers blistering acceleration, exceptional handling, and a remarkable range of 628 km. It is the ultimate choice for those seeking the most advanced and exhilarating driving experience that Tesla has to offer.

It's important to note that these prices may vary depending on optional features, customizations, and any applicable taxes or incentives. To obtain the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information, it's recommended to visit the Tesla website or contact a Tesla representative in Bangalore.

Standard, Long Range, Plaid trims

The Tesla Model X comes in three distinct trims: Standard, Long Range, and Plaid. Each trim offers unique features and capabilities, allowing buyers to choose the one that best suits their needs and budget.

  • Standard:

    The Standard trim is the entry point to the Model X lineup. It features a range of 417 km on a single charge, a top speed of 250 km/h, and a spacious interior with seating for up to 7 passengers. Standard amenities include a 17-inch touchscreen display, a premium audio system, and Autopilot, Tesla's advanced driver assistance system.

  • Long Range:

    The Long Range trim extends the driving range to an impressive 560 km, making it ideal for long road trips or daily commutes without range anxiety. It retains the same performance and features as the Standard trim, but with the added benefit of extended range. With the Long Range trim, you can travel farther on a single charge, giving you more freedom and flexibility.

  • Plaid:

    The Plaid trim is the pinnacle of performance and luxury in the Model X lineup. It boasts a blistering acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in under 3 seconds, a top speed of 313 km/h, and a range of 628 km. The Plaid trim also includes unique features such as a tri-motor all-wheel-drive system, upgraded brakes, and a carbon fiber spoiler. Inside, the Plaid trim offers a premium interior with premium materials, a panoramic glass roof, and a high-performance audio system.

No matter which trim you choose, the Tesla Model X delivers an exceptional driving experience, combining cutting-edge technology, luxurious comfort, and impressive performance. To determine the best trim for your needs, consider your driving habits, budget, and desired features. You can also visit a Tesla showroom in Bangalore or schedule a test drive to experience the Model X firsthand.

Long Range: 560 km range

The Tesla Model X Long Range offers an impressive driving range of 560 km on a single charge, making it an ideal choice for those who prioritize long-distance travel or daily commutes without range anxiety.

With its extended range, the Model X Long Range allows you to travel farther and explore new destinations without the need for frequent charging stops. Whether you're planning a road trip across the country or simply want the freedom to drive longer distances without worrying about running out of power, the Long Range trim has you covered.

The 560 km range is achieved through a combination of factors, including a larger battery pack, efficient electric motors, and regenerative braking. The Model X Long Range also features advanced energy-saving technologies, such as an adaptive air suspension that lowers the car at highway speeds to reduce drag and increase efficiency.

In addition to its impressive range, the Model X Long Range delivers exhilarating performance. With a dual-motor all-wheel-drive system and instant acceleration, you'll experience a smooth and responsive driving experience. The Long Range trim also comes standard with Autopilot, Tesla's advanced driver assistance system, which includes features like lane departure warning, automatic emergency braking, and adaptive cruise control.

Whether you're looking for a luxurious and spacious SUV for everyday commutes or a capable electric vehicle for long road trips, the Tesla Model X Long Range is an excellent choice. It offers the perfect balance of range, performance, and technology, making it a leader in the electric SUV segment.


With a breathtaking range of 348 miles (560 km), the Plaid trim offers an unparalleled driving experience, allowing you to explore new places and enjoy longer journeys without worrying about charging stations.

  • Unbeatable Range: With its advanced battery technology and efficient electric motors, the Plaid trim sets a new standard for electric vehicle range. Drive confidently, knowing that you can reach your destination without range anxiety.
  • Thrilling Performance: The Plaid trim boasts a dual-motor all-wheel drive system that delivers instant acceleration and smooth, responsive handling. Enjoy the exhilarating feeling of electric performance like never before.
  • Charging Convenience: Take advantage of the extensive Supercharger network to charge your Plaid trim quickly and conveniently. With charging stations across the country, you can easily plan your trips and avoid range anxiety.
  • Advanced Technology: The Plaid trim comes equipped with the latest in automotive technology, including a high-tech infotainment system, a premium audio system, and advanced driver assistance features. Experience the cutting-edge technology that makes every drive a pleasure.
  • Unrivaled Luxury: Immerse yourself in the Plaid trim's luxurious cabin, featuring premium materials, comfortable seats, and a panoramic sunroof. Enjoy the journey in style and comfort.

If you're looking for the ultimate electric vehicle experience, the Plaid trim delivers in every aspect. With its exceptional range, thrilling performance, advanced technology, and luxurious comfort, the Plaid trim redefines electric luxury and sets a new standard for automotive excellence.

All-wheel drive

All Tesla Model X variants in Bangalore come equipped with advanced all-wheel drive technology, providing exceptional stability, control, and traction in various driving conditions.

  • Enhanced Traction and Control: The all-wheel drive system in the Model X ensures optimal traction and control on all types of road surfaces, including wet, icy, and slippery conditions. It distributes power between the front and rear wheels in real-time, maximizing grip and minimizing wheel spin.
  • Improved Handling and Stability: With all-wheel drive, the Model X offers improved handling and stability, especially during cornering and evasive maneuvers. The system helps maintain the vehicle's composure and responsiveness, giving you greater confidence behind the wheel.
  • Off-Road Capabilities: The Model X's all-wheel drive system enhances its off-road capabilities, allowing you to navigate rough terrains with ease. The system provides the necessary traction to overcome obstacles and maintain forward momentum, making it a capable adventure companion.
  • Increased Safety: The all-wheel drive system contributes to the Model X's overall safety by providing better stability and control in adverse weather conditions. It helps prevent loss of traction, reduces the risk of skidding, and improves braking performance.

Whether you're navigating city streets, winding roads, or off-road trails, the Tesla Model X's all-wheel drive system ensures a confident and controlled driving experience in Bangalore and beyond.

Supercharger network access

Tesla Model X owners in Bangalore have access to the extensive Supercharger network, a global network of fast-charging stations dedicated to Tesla vehicles. This network provides convenient and reliable charging options, making long-distance travel and everyday commuting a breeze.

Key benefits of Supercharger network access:

  • Rapid Charging: Superchargers deliver up to 250 kW of charging power, enabling the Model X to charge significantly faster than at a regular charging station. This means you can spend less time charging and more time enjoying your journey.
  • Widely Distributed: With over 30 Supercharger stations and growing in Bangalore and surrounding areas, you'll find convenient charging locations wherever you go. The Supercharger network is strategically placed along major highways and near popular destinations, ensuring you're never far from a charging station.
  • Easy to Use: Charging your Model X at a Supercharger is simple and straightforward. Simply plug in your vehicle and the charging process starts automatically. You can monitor the charging status and estimated time to completion on the Tesla mobile app.
  • Cost-Effective: Tesla offers various charging plans and options to suit your driving needs and budget. You can choose to pay per use or subscribe to a monthly membership for discounted charging rates. Additionally, some Supercharger stations offer free charging during off-peak hours.

With Supercharger network access, Model X owners in Bangalore can travel with confidence, knowing they have access to a reliable and convenient charging infrastructure. This makes the Model X an ideal choice for daily commutes, road trips, and long-distance journeys.

Advanced safety features

The Tesla Model X in Bangalore is equipped with a suite of advanced safety features designed to protect occupants and prevent accidents. These features utilize cutting-edge technology to enhance driving confidence and overall safety.

  • Autopilot: Tesla's Autopilot system combines advanced hardware and software to provide a range of driver assistance features. It includes features like adaptive cruise control, lane keep assist, and automatic emergency braking, making highway driving more relaxed and safer.
  • Traffic-Aware Cruise Control: This feature automatically adjusts your Model X's speed to maintain a safe following distance from the vehicle ahead. It also takes into account real-time traffic conditions to ensure a smooth and efficient driving experience.
  • Automatic Emergency Braking: The Model X is equipped with sensors that can detect potential collisions and apply the brakes automatically if necessary. This feature helps prevent or mitigate accidents caused by distracted or inattentive driving.
  • Blind Spot Monitoring: The Model X's blind spot monitoring system uses sensors to detect vehicles in your blind spots and alerts you with visual and audible signals. This feature helps you safely change lanes and avoid potential collisions.
  • 360-Degree Surround View Camera: The Model X features a system of cameras that provide a 360-degree view of the vehicle's surroundings. This is particularly useful when parking or navigating tight spaces, as it helps you see potential obstacles and avoid accidents.

With these advanced safety features, the Tesla Model X offers peace of mind and enhanced protection for drivers and passengers in Bangalore's busy urban environment and on long road trips.

Luxurious and spacious interior

The Tesla Model X boasts a luxurious and spacious interior that offers a refined and comfortable driving experience for all occupants.

  • Spacious Cabin: The Model X features a spacious cabin with ample headroom and legroom for all three rows of seats. Even with seven passengers on board, there's plenty of room to stretch out and relax.
  • Premium Materials: The interior of the Model X is adorned with high-quality materials, including soft-touch surfaces, genuine wood accents, and premium leather upholstery. The attention to detail and craftsmanship is evident in every aspect of the cabin.
  • Panoramic Windshield: The Model X's expansive panoramic windshield provides unobstructed views of the surrounding scenery, creating a sense of openness and airiness. It also enhances visibility, making driving more enjoyable and safer.
  • Falcon Wing Doors: The Model X's signature Falcon Wing doors open upwards, providing easy access to the second and third rows of seats. These doors also add to the vehicle's unique and futuristic appearance.
  • Versatile Seating Configuration: The Model X offers flexible seating arrangements, allowing you to configure the interior to suit your needs. The second and third rows of seats can be folded down to create a large cargo area for hauling luggage or bulky items.

With its luxurious appointments, spacious cabin, and versatile seating options, the Tesla Model X provides an exceptional interior experience that sets it apart from other SUVs in Bangalore.


To assist you further, here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding Tesla car prices in Indonesia:

Question 1: What are the different Tesla car models available in Indonesia?

Answer 1: Currently, there are two Tesla car models available in Indonesia: the Model 3 and the Model Y.

Question 2: How much does the Tesla Model 3 cost in Indonesia?

Answer 2: The price of the Tesla Model 3 in Indonesia starts from Rp1.55 billion for the Standard Range Plus variant, and goes up to Rp2.38 billion for the Performance variant.

Question 3: How much does the Tesla Model Y cost in Indonesia?

Answer 3: The price of the Tesla Model Y in Indonesia starts from Rp1.65 billion for the Standard Range variant, and goes up to Rp2.75 billion for the Performance variant.

Question 4: Are there any additional costs associated with buying a Tesla car in Indonesia?

Answer 4: In addition to the purchase price, there may be additional costs such as registration fees, insurance, and charging infrastructure installation (if necessary). These costs can vary depending on the region and specific requirements.

Question 5: Where can I buy a Tesla car in Indonesia?

Answer 5: Tesla cars are currently available for purchase through Tesla's official website or authorized Tesla dealerships in Indonesia. You can find a list of authorized dealerships on the Tesla website.

Question 6: Does Tesla offer any financing options for car purchases in Indonesia?

Answer 6: Tesla may offer financing options in Indonesia through partnerships with local banks or financial institutions. It's recommended to check with Tesla or authorized dealerships to inquire about available financing options.

Closing Paragraph for FAQ:

These FAQs provide general information about Tesla car prices and availability in Indonesia. For the most up-to-date and accurate information, it's always best to visit the Tesla website or contact an authorized Tesla dealership in your area.

To further assist you, here are some tips for getting the best deal on a Tesla car in Indonesia:


To help you get the best deal on a Tesla car in Indonesia, here are four practical tips:

Tip 1: Research and Compare Prices:

Before making a purchase, take some time to research and compare prices from different Tesla authorized dealerships in Indonesia. Prices may vary depending on the dealership, location, and available inventory. You can also check online platforms or automotive websites for price comparisons.

Tip 2: Consider Off-Peak Purchase:

If possible, try to time your purchase during off-peak periods or at the end of a quarter when dealerships may be more willing to offer discounts or incentives to clear their inventory.

Tip 3: Explore Financing Options:

Inquire about available financing options from Tesla or authorized dealerships. Some dealerships may offer special financing rates or promotions that can help you save money on your purchase.

Tip 4: Negotiate and Ask for Discounts:

Don't be afraid to negotiate the price with the dealership. While Tesla's pricing is generally fixed, there may be some room for negotiation, especially if you're considering additional accessories or services.

Closing Paragraph for Tips:

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of getting a good deal on a Tesla car in Indonesia. Remember to do your research, compare prices, consider off-peak purchases, explore financing options, and negotiate to get the best possible price.

With careful planning and research, you can find a Tesla car that meets your needs and budget in Indonesia. Whether you're looking for the sleek and efficient Model 3 or the spacious and versatile Model Y, there's a Tesla car waiting for you.


Tesla cars are known for their cutting-edge technology, luxurious features, and eco-friendly performance. While the price point may seem higher compared to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, it's important to consider the long-term savings and benefits that come with owning a Tesla.

With its extensive Supercharger network, advanced safety features, and luxurious interior, the Tesla Model 3 and Model Y offer an unparalleled driving experience. The Indonesian government's support for electric vehicles, including tax incentives and infrastructure development, makes it an opportune time to consider a Tesla car purchase.

To get the best deal, consider researching and comparing prices, exploring financing options, negotiating with dealerships, and timing your purchase during off-peak periods. By following these tips, you can find a Tesla car that meets your needs and budget in Indonesia.

Closing Message:

The future of transportation is electric, and Tesla is leading the way. With its commitment to sustainability, innovation, and performance, Tesla offers a unique and rewarding driving experience. Whether you're an environmentally conscious consumer or simply looking for a luxurious and technologically advanced vehicle, a Tesla car may be the perfect choice for you in Indonesia.

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