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Horse Disappeared In Water Minecraft

Be in a Taiga Forest not sure if this is required but it occurred in that biome 2. A few of my horses have been disappearing in water.

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Be riding on a horse with a saddle and no armour.

Horse disappeared in water minecraft. Have a Donkey with no saddle but a chest on a lead and a cat following you. Just after the horse disappearing in water glitch was removed but guess what. If you are on singleplayer just click the Save and Quit button and load the world again.

They also sometimes struggle and glitch out. Sometimes when I get off of my horse it just disappears. Not sure whats causing this but when I dismount in water they disappear.

This is just happened today Aug 25 2021. Jump into water and be kicked off. If you are on server log out and log in.

Reloging into the world will fix any invisible entity. It happen again mojang. The horse should disappear.

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