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Is Aquarium Salt Safe For Shrimp

I have a ramshorn snail that survived in a quarantine tank with 2 tablespoons of salt per 5 gallons. You can put a very small amount but they still wont like it.

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Nope shrimp are sensitive to changes in water chemistry.

Is aquarium salt safe for shrimp. I had a 30 liter cherry tank where the shrimps got some type of fungus. Freshwater shrimp do not need aquarium salt at all. Red Cherries can live and breed in moderately brackish water but they need to gradually adjust to it.

To sum things up small and docile species of plant-eating fish can be kept with aquarium shrimp so long as the aquatic environment is safe and beneficial for all inhabitants. 5 Gallon Tank Is Aquarium Salt Safe For Ghost Shrimp. Regardless salt in aquarium can be hazardous for the livestock and the plants.

I have snails and ghost shrimp in the same tank with no salt. However most types of shrimps can tolerate aquarium salt in small doses. Meat-eating or aggressive fish should not be kept in the same tank as shrimp.

Make sure your water parameters are as close to ideal as you can get them usually diseases spread when fish are stressed due to poor tank conditions. Ahouseofscales Sick platy fry. However I would be very careful with just Aquarium Salt since I have seen how a Pet Store owner killed his shrimp by using Aquarium Salt.

Salt seems like the gentler option. Salt will not harm cherries if its for a short period. Replies 1 Views 166.

I did a 50 waterchange and added 30 grams of salt. We strongly recommend that if you are considering using it in your aquarium or as a first. No it will kill your snails I had to find that out the hard way.

I dont know if it will harm them over longer time. And I have a ton of them in my grow out tank where Im always feeding baby brine shrimp. Aquarium salt is not safe for all types of shrimps.

Posted November 29 2020.

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